Designed and fabricated by Martin Bolton 2011

This light was designed to re-implement discarded beer bottles ('dumpie', 340ml bottles), waste plastic sheeting, and an 8Volt power supply purchased from a thrift/charity store. The outcome is an interesting low-energy consumption luminaire for creating an ambient light in an interior of a double height room. The 8Volt power supply was used to power a circuit of approximately 30 white LEDs (standard purchased components) which shine through the bottoms of glass beer bottles, which were simply placed over the LEDs. When not in use, the installation seems to be 35 beer bottles, sitting on the wall...

This design is a one-off manufactured and installed product which tests new design approaches around re-use, decreasing waste, ‘up-cycling’ as well as design to support charities. The a simple design solution uses low amounts of energy while in use, waste items in its construction, as well allowed for money to be given to local charities. 

LED Dumpie Light

Dumpie Detail

Close-up of one of the LEDs upon building the LED panel.

LEDs getting assembled

The glass bottles act as diffusers, lenses and even colour filters creating coloured light patterns on the roof and walls around the installed light.

Dumpie Light on the roof

The following 2 photos are long-exposure photos of the LED panel (prior to instillation) being moved through a dark room. The trails are the paths of each of the LEDs as the panel moved around the corner and in front of the camera (photo one: 15 seconds exposure at F20, ISO 100, and photo two: 25 seconds at F20, ISO 100).

Long Exposure photo of LED Panel

LED light paths