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Do you have paper?.. a blade? and some free time to make a piggy?
If you do, then watch my hands...

An experimental collaboaration between Martin Bolton www.jozidesign.co.za and Jonathan Eva, Slinky Production.

Sidenote: If you are disgruntled because there isn't enough information to fold the piggy- then visit this website:

Welcome to Jozi Design. 

welcome image Jozi skyline

The purpose of this website is to serve as a platform for the presentation of products designed within Johannesburg, South Africa. The majority of presented designs are the outcomes of ideas originated in the mind of Johannesburg based Product Designer, Martin Bolton, as well as collaborative input from various contributors. Some designs are commissioned as one-offs, and some are the outcomes of freelance product design. Photographs are all taken in and around Jozi, and fit into no specific photographic genre. All outcomes, design and photographic, are aimed at sparking thought, initiating discussion, and showcasing product design inspired by Jozi town.

Jozi Design at Market on Main.

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Concrete Rocket

This is the latest included design onto Jozi Design. It is a concrete rocket made as a one-off sculpture incorporating steel, concrete, and waste rubber crumbs.

Products which are shown (and will regularly added) in this section include custom one-offs, items made for batch manufacture, R&D prototypes, installations, freelance design and collaborative design experimentation.
Various design approaches include, but are not limited to...
Sustainable Product Design
Participatory Design

Design for Society
Design to benefit charities
Re-cycling or re-use of products and materials
Product life after primary function
Re-implementation of waste materials

Energy Efficient Design

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Welcome image fo photography

All photographs are taken in Johannesburg. These images are not limited to one photographic genre and include landscapes, street, objects, people, events, products, graphics, and photographic experimentation.